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Round Hole Steel String Folk Guitar (634 Modele)

With its round soundhole, this guitar allows you to use a huge variety of soundhole pickups available on the market.

Basic Price With Quality Soft Case (UK) £1845

** (Shipping or insurance subject to separate quotation on request)

** (Left-hand guitar to order without price supplement)

Round Hole Steel String Folk Guitar based on original Selmer 441 cut away body size and dimensions



  • LH without supplement
  • Body shape: Selmer 441 style  
  • Scale length: 12 frets to body with  640mm or 14 frets to body with 670mm scale length
  • Neck in “Easy play” section walnut 44mm at the nut and 55mm at 12/14fret.
  • Ebony Fretboard 7-8mm thick
  • Adjustable Truss Rod: Two -course action.
  • Soundboard top: Choice of solid Spruce or Ceder (Colour options of natural, Cremona, or antique)
  • Back and sides laminate: Choice of Rosewood, Flamed maple ,Quilted maple, Amazon Rose, Spalted Maple or Ovankol
  • Guitar Finish: High gloss or matt/silk varnish.  Nitrocellulose option on request


  • Solid wood body bindings and Rosette
  • Ebony bridge with moustaches—Nominal play action set at 2.1/3.1 at fret 12 top and bottom E Strings
  • Standard dot aberlone fret/side markers at 5/7/10/12 and 17th frets with option of Fret 9
  • Hardware: Open string machine heads with a Selmer style brass tailpiece with ebony insert & tailpiece with green leather insert
  • Internal varnish inside guitar as original Selmer
  • Guitar finish: Choice of high gloss or matt silk varnish–***-Nitro cellulose by request**
  • Guitar has solid wood linings 
  • Guitar is strung with GJ10 or 11 Savarez silver plated copper/steel strings

Optional Extras

  • Sunburst colour finish is available on request as a £275 option
  • Choice of fitted pick- ups extra TBA

Additional Information

  • Price doesn’t include shipping and insurance
  • Please check “ Warranty Conditions” for 12 month guarantee available on the main website