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“All these Hours”

Nylon String folk guitar No: 634 being endorsed and played by Saskia Griffiths-Moore

“Best of You”  

By Saskia Griffiths-Moore playing JWC Guitars Folk Model 634


“All these Hours by Saskia” by Saksia on Favino Replica “D” Hole 609

“Write me a song” by Saksia on Busato Oval Hole Replica

“Let in the Light” with Saskia and Bertrand


Irene’s Gypsy Jazz Adventures – Part 1

Irene’s Gypsy Jazz Adventures – Part 2

Irene’s Gypsy Jazz Adventures – Part 3


Clive Carroll playing #441 replica

Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobin) – Paulus Schafer Trio – Guitar 570

Sweet Georgia Brown – Paulus Schafer Trio – Guitar 567


Paulus Schafer “Endorsement” of D Hole Orchestre

The Jooste Zoetemann Quartet to include Taeke Stol-Double base

The Joost Zoeteman Trio


“Europa” by Dave Jones on JWC Favino 412

“Out of nowhere” by Bertrand Le Guillou using a JWC Modele Jazz

“Django’s Tiger”  by Herve Sens playing JWC 381- A copy Chorus Jazz 3 Dimuro