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“All these Hours”

Nylon String folk guitar No: 634 being endorsed and played by Saskia Griffiths-Moore

“Best of You”  

By Saskia Griffiths-Moore playing JWC Guitars Folk Model 634

“Friday’s Child

Paul Vernon Chester playing JWC Round Hole Folk Guitar (Nylon String)


“All these Hours by Saskia” by Saksia on Favino Replica “D” Hole 609

“Write me a song” by Saksia on Busato Oval Hole Replica

“Let in the Light” with Saskia and Bertrand


Irene’s Gypsy Jazz Adventures – Part 1

Irene’s Gypsy Jazz Adventures – Part 2

Irene’s Gypsy Jazz Adventures – Part 3


Clive Carroll playing #441 replica

Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobin) – Paulus Schafer Trio – Guitar 570

Sweet Georgia Brown – Paulus Schafer Trio – Guitar 567


Paulus Schafer “Endorsement” of D Hole Orchestre

The Jooste Zoetemann Quartet to include Taeke Stol-Double base

The Joost Zoeteman Trio


“Europa” by Dave Jones on JWC Favino 412

“Out of nowhere” by Bertrand Le Guillou using a JWC Modele Jazz

“Django’s Tiger”  by Herve Sens playing JWC 381- A copy Chorus Jazz 3 Dimuro